Friday, July 26, 2013

All That Matters

A baby makes its way out of its mother’s womb,
Lets out its first sound,
A cry of fear and astonishment at the sight of the new world,
The mother clutches her baby, and it calms down,
For the baby, the mother’s affectionate caress is all that matters,
And for the mother, the satisfied silence of the baby is all that matters.

There cometh the 3rd birthday of the child,
Clown hats and the din of the plastic drums,
Cakes and treats spread all around,
There walks in a hairy teddy bear,
Brought in by Mama and Dada from the next room,
But unnoticed, they stand still, ‘cause for the child the toy is all that matters,
And for them, the smile on their sweet angel’s face is all that matters.

Next in the journey of life is the first day at school,
A new uniform makes young John look dashing,
Alas, teary-eyed he walks away from Mummy and Daddy,
Into the confines of the school,
But they stand still without comforting him,
For them, the need for him to grow independent is all that matters,
However, for him, their absence is all that matters.

Running past goes life, and brings up the last day in school,
There stands John, with his friends in tow,
Decked up in a posh suit, one of his dad’s,
He comforts them all, and promises to remain in contact,
Yet he feels his world changing, and emptying,
For them all, their friendship and the change of time is all that matters.

The taxi speeds through the driveway,
With a single figure in the back,
Sorrowful about his departure, yet desiring his growth,
The old couple on the doorstep waits till the yellow speck disappears,
John waits till the vehicle stops, expectant and excited, yet scared,
For him, his new beginning is all that matters,
For them, their son is all that matters.

The hectic life is disturbed, and the sky falls down,
As there is a major disruption,
There walks out Dad, all of a sudden,
Ripped out of life, which had no worries,
Nor any major tensions,
Weeping like never before, they sit on the doorstep consoling each other,
For them, the others shoulder as a support for their grief is all that matters.

Getting back from this bump in life,
There comes a new chapter, with John walking off to work,
Touching his Mother’s feet, and relishing the smile on her face,
While she blesses him, as she always does,
She holds him to her chest,
For John, her support and love is all that matters,
For beloved Mother, his care and respect for her is all that matters.

A month later drops in the courier, with flowers and a package in hand,
And there rings the phone and the doorbell,
It’s John, about a gift, and about something he has just earned,
Something wished for by Esteemed Mother,
She smiles in his absent presence,
Though the waves of happiness pass through,
For her, his thought for her is all that matters,
For him, her smile is all that matters.

Again rings the phone, John’s this time,
It’s Jane, with her sweet voice,
Calling him, and making time linger till they go out together,
Yet he smiles, and keeps his patience,
For him, the slow passage of time in between is all that matters,
And for her, his affection is all that matters.

Dressed in white, they wait in front of the congregation,
It’s smiles galore, and the sweet fragrance of love spreads,
There sits Mother in the front row,
Nostalgic about a similar moment of her life,
Yet happy for John,
The pair tightens their grip on each other’s hands and gazes lovingly at the other,
As they consent in holy matrimony,
And for them their love for each other is all that matters;
For dreamy-eyed Mother, the change is all that matters.

Tears fall down John’s cheeks,
Now of happiness,
As another angel prances into his life,
Lovely baby Sarah, with her petite baby face,
Pampered and adored, she takes over his life, and rules over it,
‘Cause for her, Pa is all that matters,
And for the rejuvenated John, his little angel is all that matters.

Another bump slows down life,
As Mother walks off to be with revered Father,
Her absence leaving behind a black hole,
The sudden loss of mother’s love, her grandmotherly care and her continuous warmth,
For the three of them, that’s all that matters.

The clocks races forward,
And taking life with it in tow,
Business has prospered and Sarah has grown,
Jane now colors her hair, and John sits at home,
Golf here and newspapers there,
He remembers his life,
For him, the smiles he has collected and given to others is all that matters.

Viewing a documentary, alone at home,
John drinks his daily dose of beer,
Munching on a packet of chips,
He dozes off, a mile-long smile on his face,
Never to wake up again, nor to see the grief on the faces,
For them, his departure and their blurred future is all that matters,
But for him, there is now nothing which matters.

This post is written as a part of ‘All that Matters‘ contest at in association with INK Live 2013.


  1. Great poem, a life as a journey captured well in the poem...

  2. OMG...
    THis is simply amazing...
    Your date...

    If u win or not, that doesnt matter...
    This *no words to express*