Saturday, July 27, 2013


Darkness as his only companion,
He sits on the bench in the park,
The wind whooshing past violently,
Demonstrating its presence, with vigor.

Her smiling face, staring back at him through the photo in his hands,
And there breaks the dam,
His, and of the clouds as well,
And there flows the water.

His anger, his fights,
His obsession, his ambition,
Leading to his loss, this gigantic loss;
And it was all his fault.

With these thoughts in mind,
He closes his eyes,
Wishing for a moment with her,
Her hand in his, a calming sensation.

A break to the wind,
To heed his silent prayer,
There slashes the ring,
With her photo appearing on the display,

Tring – Tring the phone rang…

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  1. Great Line Karan...The Love,The Anger and ending with a Prayer..Loved the lines..

  2. Nice composition. Amazing weave of words.

  3. i guess this poem matches so much with one of my articles of

    and am happy that u voted for it on indiblogger