Monday, July 1, 2013

Technology and Education

We reside in a world where there is the rule of technology. As the clock ticks, the new inventions like the computer overtake us and take us on a ride by changing the way the earth lives. Causing massive modifications in the way we live, the way we work and the way we enjoy, technology continues to amaze us with its new creations. We have reached a point at which everything is available on the vast web of the internet.  People can work from home, and complete their business targets; people can advertise online and also obtain new customers. Along with this, technology also allows us to get educated online. The new trend of homeschooling has surfaced with the use of technology, and has worked to help students all over the world to learn. The use of a cloud in order to create environments which allow children to study is the latest development of this boon we call technology. But can this work?

As we talked about previously, the use of the cloud is one of the latest innovations of technology. It uses contraptions like the computer to great extent and also requires the internet. It can be said that the installation of such sophisticated equipment would require a mammoth amount of funds and would take a lot of time to be operationally functional for use. Even after setting this up, there would be the requirement of some time for the students to get used to this new creation entering their lives. But, in my opinion, this point should not be taken into account.

The amount of technology we have had a glimpse of is just the tip of the iceberg. Technology promises to keep providing us with a various range of machines which work to enhance our knowledge and to make our lives easier. The use of such tools in the direction of education would work extremely well to expose children to the wide expanse of the future. Children would be able to gain first-hand information about what is going to come, and about what is going to decorate the rest of their lives. This in turn would work well to create a better future and would also allow children to mould themselves to the use of technology. And as the usage of this cloud makes the lives of the future generations more successful, thus this would be a giant leap for mankind. For the betterment of lives, I feel that the high costs should not be taken into account, and this project should be taken forward with full force.

Education is a must in the current world scenario where there is loads of competition. Children from rural environments do not receive the necessary platform and the teachings which are a daily exercise in the lives of middle-class and rich children. This prevents them from moving ahead in life and binds their lives to the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy. But this must end. Being harmful for society, this way of life must be changed to something where there is equality for all. The use of the cloud would provide a great deal of knowledge to children based in slums, small villages and other places where education is yet to touch them.

Along with the point of equality, this cloud is a very innovative technique to transform the art of education to something very interesting and fun. Along with interactive teaching, this method would be sure to allow children to learn from experts all over the world and would also put them in contact with the massive arms of learning. Children would grow with firsthand knowledge of lifestyles, languages and other information which they would not be commonly learning during their basic education.

So, as we speak, we come across various points which stimulate our ethos and make us think in the direction of the usage of cloud. In my opinion, the usage of this method would be extremely beneficial to the whole world and would also work to provide great deal of knowledge to children who may not have been put to study in the normal circumstances. Thus, I feel that the use of technology in education is a good initiative.

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  1. Technology & education is the two most important factor in todays life. It is good to see such a nice blog on these factors. I like it.