Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Super Humans

The train galloped in the darkness, throwing a beam far into the night and illuminating the parallel lovers who could never meet. Chugging hard and whistling in between, the massive metal machine went on. Hearing the sounds reverberating loudly, and shivering from the cold of the night, he stood at the door. Looking inside the compartment, he saw the exact opposite of what his state of mind was. He saw the happy talks of the trainees who were on a new journey- a new place and of life as well; he saw the people who had huddled together to watch a movie from a laptop; and he felt the calm as the train raced forward- a weird calm which caused so much uneasiness, yet was so familiar. He looked at the dark void in front of him and he knew not what to do.

There was a fear in his mind, something he had never experienced about the place he was going to. It sure was quite some time since he had gone to this place, but his feelings for it had never changed, and nor had the emotions.

Standing in the cold onslaught which was peppered with hot smoke, he thought, “How could this happen? Last time I had been there, they had been so fine- working and enjoying and living life the way it came to them. And now, for the first time in my 17 years, Grandpa is bed ridden. Alone Granny has to handle the whole house and also Uncle. Sigh! Why God?”

With this thought, he moved inside, away from the gusts of wind, awaiting his destination, which was still 18 hours away. All he could do was wait and he would have to go through it, whatever his state of mind may be.

As he walked back to his seat, he sighed and reminisced his memories about the two super humans he knew.

The clock struck nine. Acting on the signal by the clock, the figure glided and came into focus slowly from the innards of the house. Dressed in a perfectly ironed shirt and a black pant, the man also sported a beard and blue spectacles, but very little hair accompanied this setting, atop his head. As the light of the sun came into view, he smiled and his face obtained a new glow.

Behind him came a spectacled man, his father, who was dressed in a plain shirt and his hands held hard on the handles as he deftly steered the wheelchair, just by the long practice of 40 years. Walking into the open garden, he bent down and gently picked the man on the wheelchair and set him down on the waiting scooter. Taking the two bags from the hands of the smiling woman, his wife, who had walked out behind the duo, he looked at his watch and shook his head mildly.

In the background, the freshly watered plants shimmered in the early sunlight, and thanked the old man for his perseverance behind them. Wearing his black crown, a helmet, the 70 year old man took hold of the reigns of the two wheeler and set off, just as the woman stood and waved till the scooter rounded the corner.

As the woman waved and walked back inside, the memory dissolved and the teenager fell asleep in his cozy seat.

The next evening, a figure walked down the lane, and pushed open the rusted door. Withered plants caught his attention, and so did the dirty garden. Dragging his suitcase behind him, he knocked on the door and after going in, he hugged the old lady, his grandmother. Walking to the bed, he did the same for the man who was sleeping, his head hot with fever and to the man in the wheelchair, whose smile was a mile long.

Though the garden was not maintained, the house was spick and span.

“Things aren’t that bad. Or maybe, they are just super humans,” was his only thought.

PS: This is a true story about my grandparents and my uncle, who is wheelchair bound due to cerebral palsy. I have not written this to gain sympathy or anything, but this is to say out loud that they are all super humans. My grandparents manage my uncle, who is 40 years old, at the age of 70, and they do it very well. They manage the house and also take care of themselves. My uncle, even with his special ability, works in a company, and also writes movie reviews very actively.

Perseverance and strength must be learnt from them. We lose hope and the will to go on even when we face the smallest of problems, but they have gone on and on, and they still do it. Whatever be their circumstances, they strive hard and get all the jobs done. They are truly Super Humans.
My Grandparents and my Uncle
PPS: I apologize for the long leave of absence from blogging. I was visiting my grandparents as my grandpa has suddenly faced some health problems, and so I could not find the time to write. I hope to be back with more posts from now, and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Apologies once again and Happy Reading!


  1. Kudos to your grandparents and your Uncle, Karan!

    God Bless! :)

  2. Truly great.
    May God give everyone such strength & zest, Karan, to be Super Humans...

  3. truly 'super humans'!!
    I always have deep respect for such awesome people, well written Karan.
    God bless your grandparents and your uncle! :)

  4. Such an inspirational and sweet post :D

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am..:)
      Keep visiting..!!

  5. a great inspiration. hope everyone gets such strength

  6. Super Humans indeed!
    Great post dedicated to some great people .:)

  7. You're really lucky to have an uncle like Paresh and his parents da. I loved what they're and the simplicity they own.. :) :) :)

    - Rahul