Thursday, January 30, 2014

Somebody Special :P ;)

The 1st day we chatted,
I had called you Sir,
I later came to realize,
That it was a mistake, a humungous err.

We came closer,
And our friendship grew,
We didn’t kept on talking,
There was something between us, something true.

Our titles for each other,
Are quite unique and vivid,
But we have never fought,
Nor have become on each other livid.

Talking shit always,
Be it midnight or noon,
I have to say to God,
That you are for me a boon.

My unseen editor,
Of pictures and posts alike,
I must agree that,
People give your pictures more likes.

That is just professional,
Quite unlike how we really are,
Between us there is no distance,
Though we dwell very far.

I love those banters we have,
About the Reds, Barca and bananas as well,
There isn’t a topic left to fight about now,
And there isn’t anything hidden to tell.

Its not even a year,
Since we came in touch,
Just one meeting we have had,
But we have shared messages a bit too much.

This is not a wish,
Nor a birthday dedication,
Its just a plea for help,
Done in absolute frustration.

The above paragraph,
Was just put as a joke,
You really are a great guy,
A really jolly bloke.

This poem is for you Anil,
I must say with my head low,
You are by now embarrassed,
As I must say so.

This piece had no cheese,
As you have to agree,
K-Factor is my blogs name,
Remember that or I’ll give you slaps three.

19 you are now,
1 shy of twenty,
May you get fame and happiness,
In quite a plenty.

Here I end this rhyme,
To let our secret lay,
Brother all I wish you,
A very Happy Birthday.

The only picture we have together :P

PS: Happy to say that today my blog has crossed 25,000 pageviews within a year of the start of my blog and is still going ahead in full speed.


  1. CONGRATS on nice achievement. great blog u have

  2. Ahaa... I sooo loved this one.. and Happy Birthday once again Anil... :D

  3. What a beautiful poetry to treat your friend.

  4. You wrote it very well...a nice ode to your friend...wishes for his birthday and hope you two keep your friendship rocking (y)