Thursday, January 23, 2014


So much we have talked,
It is yet so little,
Fights many we have gone through,
Our friendship isn’t at all brittle.

There forever,
Be it day or night,
We are each other’s support,
And we show the other new light.

Plans we have many,
We hope they take us far,
Diversity is our strength,
Even age isn’t a bar.

Time has passed fast,
With your blessed presence,
It’s almost a year now,
That much time is just a minor essence.

A wish I had,
From the time I knew you,
To meet at a place,
The whole wolf pack- we, the special few.

Come true it did,
Twice to be frank,
We chat quite a lot here,
But there, at least I was a bit blank.

Mad we aren’t,
I’d use the word eccentric,
It was our first meet,
But it was fun and electric.

From movies to books,
We covered the whole lot,
Also discussed on a film to be made,
A couple of ideas for it we have already got.

Other weird stuff,
We also tend to do,
I can’t say it here,
Or you will come as one to sue.

Thadiya, Bhatman and Devji,
Just three of our nicknames,
Rahul, Anil and I look on with a funny look,
At our Mentor Paresh’s widespread fame.

Friends I’d not call you,
Brothers I’d say,
Our family I wish never separates,
And together may we forever stay.

Adithya, Rishikesh, Me, Sridev, Rahul, Anil, Varun (From left to right) and famous guy in the centre :P