Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dhoom :3

Dhoom 3 is the latest multi-starrer I reluctantly decided to watch, only on account of using a couple movie ticket voucher which I had won. Starring Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif and Jackie Shroff, this film has broken various Box Office records in such a short span of time. So yes, I will tell you why this film has to earn that much credit.

I would like to begin with the actors chosen for the roles, or should I say role, as there is only a single role in the film which changes hands in every part of this movie series, and this time it is played by Aamir Khan. It is told that Uday and Abhishek have got in through management quota, and I would agree. Playing a double role (I’m acting as a spoiler here, but I reckon you’ve seen the film), Aamir does very well, and his title of being the Perfectionist is again kept alive.

And what can I say about the best cops of India?! Nothing, absolutely nothing! A single word cannot be used to describe them and their heroics. They are the best part of the film and I enjoyed their presence on the screen as it gave me time to jot down points to add in this piece.

Lastly, the lady who cannot be called as the heroine of the film (unless you consider the person who loves the hero to be a heroine), comes in just for the circus acts and a little bit of Bollywood drama and Yash Chopra love and in that, she looks good, yeah, that’s about it. To add a point, Katrina’s every role involves seducing something, be it a Slice bottle, or the hero of a film.

I apologize for this uncanny outburst of mine, and I guess I must move on to the best part of the film: originality! This completely fills the film, and is seen in every shot, from the fight scenes of The Dark Knight, to the suspense of The Prestige and the work interface similar to Jarvis of Iron Man. Everything is originally copied and has never been seen in a Bollywood film before. So kudos to you for finding some more Hollywood films which are worth copying.

Then comes the creativity of the writers of the film. Now some of you will be wondering if I’m in my right senses, but yeah, I haven’t lost my mind!

Could you have thought to make a flamboyant entry in an auto rickshaw in the slums of Mumbai and then be called to California?

Could you have thought to use a rod set at an angle in a rickshaw to combat a gang of goons?

Could you have thought of sending a cop on duty to USA with blue goggles and the absence of knowledge of the English language?

That is the real creativity of the film, and it is only thought off by the writer, or maybe the director. Another instance of the writer’s creativity is the usage of dialogues to personify the buzzing of a pair of troublesome mosquitoes in the ears. I would like to make these 2 give the viewers a standing ovation for going through 3 hours of their nonsense.

Now I would like to make some special mentions in the story which made my experience enjoyable. I’ll start with the inclusion of Jai Dixit and Ali Akbar, without whom the film never would’ve been completed. These Super cops have also mastered the skills of disguising themselves, and they dressed up so inconspicuously as Captain Jack Sparrow and a tramp, who didn’t have money to buy food, though he had enough to enjoy all the rides in an amusement park.

The resources spent in catching the thief was a bit too much as all Aamir store was a small bag pack. That shouldn’t have worried the California Police, not that much at least to bring in the Indian Police.

So, the story starts and ends with the same person, and I guess he was a better villain than Aamir Khan- Anderson, the bank manager. He is an immortal being, and if not, then he had used an anti-aging potion or cream to stay young old. Aamir transforms to a man from a child, and so does his twin, but this man does not get a single wrinkle on his face.

Last, the trains used in the city are the same in 1970 and also in the present day! The Congress has done more than that in their current term I must say!

I also have some questions to ask the Director as to why he did the horrible wonderful things which made me ask, “What is this?”

1.      What material are knives made off? It must be similar to that of a material which can break glass easily, or else you wouldn’t have had the rickshaw go on 2 wheels and then fall back and continue to ram the goons. I would love to do some research on that material for you!
2.      Why were these 2 smart cops sent there? Don’t tell me that a major bank robbery is not a Federal offence and the FBI did not come in. Please don’t. For your next part, I would like to suggest the inclusion of ACP Pradyuman and his right hand rule rather than these 2 idiots who can’t talk a single word of sense.
3.      Is Abhishek a wizard? He can surely apparate (without flinching) as he shows at the start when he jumps forward from a bike, hits a goon and again falls where he had started. The viewers do have at least that much (ittu sa) logic in their brains to understand the improbability of that dumb stunt. -_-
4.      Which SWAT team in the world goes to catch bank robbers with Glock 9 mms, and that too without gas masks? I guess the team would have been taken there by Jai and Ali.
5.      Does the California Police employ people without brains because they didn’t get the idea of using helicopters until Jai suggested it?

A story without morals is the worst thing there is, but here there are some morals learnt.

1.      A girl has been known to destroy friendships, but now that goes to brotherhood as well.
Free tip: Remain single and always support your brother.
2.      If you are a thief and the Indian Police is behind you, there is no point in using measures to hold them back. However fast you run, and whatever may you force upon them, they will never allow you to get a headstart.
Free tip: Enjoy a hearty meal and then start running; it may be your last meal!
3.      If you start dancing, unknown people will know all your steps.
Free tip: Try this in your city.
4.      You will always be caught by the Police, and there exists no such thing as the perfect crime. A suggestion here: instead of killing the villain, please kill the cops, especially Ali.

I don’t know how the film managed to earn that much money, but somehow it did. The chases, stunts and the circus acts are good and so is Aamir as the Joker Clown. But the best was the bike. If there exists one like it, then I need it. I’ll wait for it till next year though, I need my driving license anyways to use it and that will come later this year.

Verdict: 2.5*/5

1 out of the above is for the bike, and for reducing the senseless dialogues of Ali and for not including an excess of songs.

Let us all give Uday Chopra a Guard of Honor and a round of applause for finally understanding the fact that he cannot act.

That’s enough sarcasm, eh? But yes, this is the most original, creative and imaginative story I have ever seen.

PS: People telling me that Krish 3 was better than this, I say that you are seriously drunk. Both these films have shown that Bollywood cannot think by itself, and it shall forever remain in the shadow of Hollywood, and even the South Indian films.

PPS: I have not put in a single link in the whole review as I usually do, so I’m sorry. This is another review of the same film, and I personally enjoyed it. Do read it by clicking here. Adithya, this was worth sharing.

PPPS: I have made some errors in the post, and I apologize for that. Rather than changing them, I hope that the next film I review grips me such that I can remember all the facts correctly. :P


  1. Same pinch on using the Ambipur Voucher for the movie, Karan...
    Well written, with satirical pinches all over. :)
    Sorry for pointing it out bluntly but it's Chicago and 1990. :P

    1. Haha...Glad you liked it Ma'am...:)
      I apologize for the mistakes, and I hope the next film I review will hold enough of my attention so that I remember the facts correctly...:P

  2. good one for a first time review, Karan!
    loved the sarcasm! :D

    1. It's not a first time review Aayesha...:P
      Glad you liked it though...:D ;)

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    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am..:D :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  4. watched this movie. And must say you have written a nice review. Have many similar thoughts as you described above.

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am...:)
      Keep visiting..!!

  5. So you watched it huh? I can't imagine your mental state right now!
    I feel for you man...