Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Million Miles An Hour

There was a time to call ours,
A moment we owned together,
A wave we surfed, and a cloud that burst,
Hands clasped we ruled the world,
Build our world we did, just out of sticks,
Fragile yet steady standing tall,
Moments to cherish, memories to remember,
It just went past, a million miles an hour.

The ascent took us high; the pace took us away,
The grip of our hands strained,
The distance pulled us apart,
We walked; our heads turned, not a look back,
Hands not held, but the longing so painful,
Tears not shed, memories not burnt,
We just wished for the times to come back,
But they raced away, a million miles an hour.

The climb ceased, the vigor gone, so venerated,
So wishful I was sitting on the porch,
The moon my only companion,
In person but not in heart so dear,
You were the hole in my heart so deep,
Our dreams took us ahead with success,
Our roads turned, intersecting not moving together,
Wish we hadn’t moved ahead, a million miles an hour.

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