Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Chosen One

I’ve walked a long way, and I’m far away from home,
I ran from a story so true, all I ran from was you,
Bundling up the smiles and scraping the memories together,
Remembering your face and wiping away tears,
I wished for the worst, when I was running from it,
I tore through the wilderness of dreams, and the mosaic of thought,
Through the tangle of reason, and into the knots of darkness,
You taught me to smile, you taught me to laugh,
You taught me to live, to live from all my heart,
You taught me to love, and to be loved too,
Till you vanished, till I was left alone to fend,
It hurts when I think about you, it hurts when I dream about you,
It pains when I recall the soft touch of your fingers on my skin,
The promises we made, the moments we shared,
It wasn’t a lot, but it was enough, to bleed,
It’s all come together, scars shining with the wounds new,
Another storm to add to the feud, to the chaos,
Under the dark sky, and the thundering clouds,
And in the sunny days gone past, and the ones to come,
I would still choose you, it will forever be you.