Saturday, September 12, 2015


It’s been a long time since I thought I was happy,
A smile on my face, a gleam in my eyes,
A thought in my mind, a dream in my head,
A path racing ahead into the horizon,
Lined with all there is to have, all on a sunny day,
A sudden clash of thunder and a storm in broad daylight,
Down falls my castle, the epitome of perfection,
Bricks raging down on the ground so smooth,
A mirage powdered into nonexistence,
A smile stolen, jailed in the prison of sorrow,
Eyes so dull and gloomy, a cake of despair blowing up in my face,
I wished for the time to stay, longer,
I wanted to stay happy, just a little longer,
I wanted to smile; I wanted to dream, just for another moment,
Still, I see you the same, my heart still bleeds, for you,
The scars tingle and shine, wounds of the past waking up to your call,
Memories flooding back in, it’s just like déjà vu with another face,
I’m lost in the maze, on the threshold of being through,
It’s a step backwards to life, and forward into the wilderness,
A second to make up my mind, a shout, a sign,
And a sigh, the wall shaken, not broken, again,
It’s a decision made, a choice undeterred, for now,
It’s a road I never want to travel again on.

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