Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let You Go

The ripples of silence echo around my smile,
The light of the darkness enhances your shadow,
I feel nothing, not in me, let alone the storm around me,
Brewing from the eye, so delicate, so exquisite,
It’s all about the story, our story, all without words,
Playing in the eyes, and with time, but not with hearts,
Coy smiles and furtive glances, all with a reason,
Waiting for a sign, for a moment to live for, just for you,
The clock plays its games, distance measured in days,
A face becoming a photograph, yet not smothering into nothingness,
A memory living on, a flame ignited with just a thought,
I wish it was just you and me, walking through the nights and days,
Coloring the sky, and blowing at the clouds,
Your voice- a beacon in the storm,
Your face- a hole in the clouds, a shelter from the rain,
A new season altogether, crafted with smiles, and you,
I wished for you, I waited for you; I stood right there, just for you,
Till you walked past, till you walked away,
Into flames, into ashes, into memories,
Just a face to remember, to smile for, to smile at,
I loved you so I let you go.

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