Thursday, September 3, 2015


There are those thoughts which we throw away,
There are those dreams, from which we walk away,
There are those memories which we stow away safely,
There are those moments from which we shy away,
There are those feelings which we keep away,
We have those havens and niches in the walls,
Places we go to in times of need- to hide, to mask,
We store away all that is there, only to come out all at once,
Those stories made, those stories told, and those stories believed,
It’s all a figment of imagination, this life- you and me,
We say nothing, yet we talk so much,
But there is a lot more to be told,
Smiles so large, and eyes glimmering with passion,
It’s a tale so smooth, so silly, yet so complex with its shadows,
We skip across the stones, and we wade through the shallows,
But the ripples spread far around,
The trench lies deep, its mysteries contained in the darkness,
Emerging at times, startling and scary,
The monsters below waiting to prey, hungry for something more to store,
I keep going into the depths, inquisitive and curious,
The bubbles keep showing at the top,
I can feel the water pushing in through my ears,
I’m in too much, and I can’t pull away,
There are ways only two, it’s a shove together, or a lunge alone,
I can surface again, but I will have to leave a part of me behind.

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