Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Why You

There are those small things which we hide,
Memories, moments, dreams, stories, all alike,
Tiny pieces draped together under the blanket of the heart,
And I know I don’t want to tell anyone about you.

A feature of will and a trophy of strength,
A faltering smile, yet a spark emanating into the distance,
It’s all but a void for you, closing in faster than ever,
All that matters is time for you, a luxury fading slowly,
And yet you stand tall against all odds,
I cannot say, nor can I speak, but only with you,
Meager so, and weak, I am a nobody in front of you,
Mustered courage and my mind distorted,
My heart hidden away in the mirage of today,
I’m on the brink, that’s why I blink, to shy the flood away,
Not a drop you leak, nor a tide of remorse,
You’re different; you’re unique; and special,
Your picture in my eyes, and your thought,
It pushes me on with my head held high,
I see the stars high above, the clouds thundering,
I can hear the rumble of the storm approaching,
My eyes bore into the grey expanse for someone,
For someone to tell me, why only you.

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