Friday, August 2, 2013

Help Needed

Being a student in the IGCSE board, I have many a times faced the predicament of having exams at the oddest times of the year. Facing exams during the festive season, which starts in mid-August, has now become a yearly chore after going through this thrice (not that I regret my decision to choose this option for studies). In addition to this, I have had people ask me the same question hundreds of times, “How can you have exams during Diwali? That is vacation time!”

Well, I chose this path and now I tread precariously at the edge of going past my 12th grades. So let’s get down to my main topic, which is not at all about this.

To be frank, now is usually the time at which the local colleges open/ re-open to the students; and incidentally, I have my prelims going on (the main reason I haven’t been able to write for the past week). Earlier on this week, I had my physics exam, of which a concept was unclear. Clearing my doubt was a necessity, and so off I went to my Physics Sir. I was completely shocked when I heard his reply that he did not know anything about that topic! (Based on the concepts of practical approach, my syllabus involves some topics which some which are not even mentioned in the basic books of science which I can get from around here.)

Alone, and in need, I approached a friend of mine, who is currently doing his Engineering from a renowned college in Kerala. He was able to guide me through this topic which had kept me in the dark for long, and he also suggested his book as a guide through the other topics. So, there began my hunt.

The past week has gone by as a blur, and I still search for this book. It is one of the books from the Kerala Engineering Syllabus, and I am yet to obtain a copy. I asked my friend if it would be available online as a ‘pdf’ or an e-book, but I have been unable to get it.

From all this, there are two things I put forward to you:
1.      I am completely obliged to my friend, who helped me out with this- in the middle of the night- and got me some more marks. It feels more good as I have never ever talked with this guy on the phone, nor have I met him (all our contact has been through Facebook); and I am extremely thankful to him for that.
2.      Could someone please suggest another option to me than ordering the book from there? I have checked and also searched at length for the book online, but all my searches have been in vain. It would be a great help if I could get a copy of the book in Mumbai itself. The name of the book is: “Introduction to Electronics and Communication’ by K. Gopakumar.
I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction to get this book. Please feel free to e-mail me at or post a comment to this post.


  1. bhavesh store opposite borivli station..
    A shop opposite parle station..
    These two places have all types of engg books,,sometimes they give on demad too..maybe will find here..u can ask for their number on just dial..they also give returnable books.. hope it hellps:)

    1. Will look at both places tomorrow itself. Thank you for your help..:D :)