Saturday, September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mommy...!! :D

She is my essence,
A necessary presence,
The love of my life,
She is also a very loving wife.

On our mistakes she gets very angry and like a tomato-red,
If looks could kill, we would all be dead,
She does shout, she does rage,
But from heart, she is a sweet sage.

We both do fight,
And it’s always me, who has to raise the flag- white,
Despite these tensions, our bond strengthens,
Our love deepens as yours years lengthen.

Her hand-cooked feasts are delicious to eat,
From the vivid sugary sweets, to the bitter purple beet,
Decked on the tray, she likes it simple,
Her diet is small, but for us she makes it ample.

Her love is endearing,
She is the one to make me God-fearing,
My backbone, my support,
Clear like the blue sky, is our lovely rapport.

She works continuously,
All happily and joyously,
As shows her smile,
Silver gleaming, and visible for a mile.

Forgiving and motivating too,
She has no traits which one can boo,
A teacher, a mother, a wife- all-in-one,
She is forever helpful and rude to none.

It is my privilege, God’s provisional right,
To wish my mother- to shout out with all my might!
This short note is a minute gift of love,
May she keep flying high, a white-feathered dove.

Happy Birthday Mom!! Love you so much, and I am so lucky to have you in my life as an integral part. Thank you for being there always for me, as my support and for understanding me always and for loving and caring for me so much. May God provide you with the boon to live on for eternity, helping and caring and making house an open, healthy, and divine Home.

Love you so much mother..:)

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  1. Beautifully written.
    My wishers to her! :)

  2. Simple, elegant and so full of love, what a lovely post Karan! Made me think of my mom too. These are the lines that best describe us:
    My backbone, my support,
    Clear like the blue sky, is our lovely rapport

    Many wishes to mom. She is lucky to have you as you are to have her :)

  3. heart touching and wonderful. You made the best use of the prompt Karan. Hearty wishes to her.

  4. wow.. very beautiful ode to your mom.. best take on the prompt.. my wishes to her :)

    1. Thank you...:)
      Will convey your wishes to her...:D

  5. Great Line Karan..Convey my Wishes to Your Mom.. :)

  6. Sooper like it's my late father's birthday tooo...Cheers to Mom...

  7. Happy B'day to Aunty! And a vibrant post that was!

    1. Thank you..:)
      Will surely pass on your message to her...

  8. Nice composition. Best wishes to Aunty :)

  9. wow happy birth to her from em...
    you are a great son to have :)

    Zooni recently posted

  10. Well-composed, colourful and touching birthday wishes!

  11. Beautiful poem! Mothers r a blessing!
    Happy Birthday to her!

    1. Will surely pass your wishes to her...
      Keep visiting...:)

  12. wow Karan such a lovely poem for mumma,. myself Smita's school friend Rajul .

  13. wow Karan such a lovely poem for mumma,. myself Smita's school friend Rajul .