Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Relics and Reality- Part 2

Get to know what happened in the first part- here.

The curiosity finally took hold of me, and I slowly shook open the first page. The letters in front of me were different, unique, and indecipherable in their own way; curved, wavy, and tiny, yet very clear, and neat. The absence of a name on the first page surprised me, as all of the movies involving movies I had seen, had scary names on their first pages (Tom Marvolo Riddle for example). The thought grew in my mind, and vanished as fast as it had appeared. I started reading the words and letters, all imprinted in a strange color, between red and black.

Today is my first day here. The wallpaper is as I wanted, and so is the decoration. Everything is exactly like I wanted! Omigosh, I love it here. It’s just me and Rahul ji, and the silence. No wait, it’s not silent.

There is the whisper of the trees,
And the buzz of the bees;
The hoot of the owls,
And the early wake up calls of the fowls.

There is a strange disturbance to the place, yet I feel so calm and serene. The peace is so charming, and so is my prince. The same dashing prince gifted me a lovely diamond ring today; oh I love him so much.

So it was a diary of a young, newly-married wife. That would explain the clarity of the handwriting, and the extensive decoration on the front of the diary.

“I hope I am not wasting my time reading some couple’s honeymoon diary filled with ‘those’ stories- of love and passion and desire. Phew, it’s hot in here. I’d rather go down with this new ‘novel’ and start off on it whilst sipping a steaming cup of coffee, and after a nice hot bath. Oww, my limbs are already creaking. Damn Karan, you are getting old. Now get down you lazy bum, and complete the work you have started…

“Sunn raha hai na, Ro raha hun main…”

As I hastened to the opening of the cavity and strung my legs down the side, I was met with a loud thud, a crash and a bang. Hanging mid-air, I looked down to see the floor far below me, a hard stone surface, flexing its muscles, for the soon-to-happen beating of my already withered body, and the wooden ladder lying on the floor, a mutilated broken corpse.

So wasn’t I in deep trouble!

Excerpt #2 from Diary

Choor ho gaye sapne,
Jab bichad gaye saare apne,
Tha bass unhika asar yeh mujh par,
Kyunki aa gaye the voh, meri khushiyon ko hadapne.