Monday, September 16, 2013

Relics and Reality- Part 6

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Tears flew past the barrier of my eyes and I wished for it to all end- the pain, the anguish, and the sorrow. I wished it would all be a bad dream, and I would wake up in bed with my lovely pillow to a nice morning. Or it would all be a prank by one of my friends, to give me a laugh. But for the moment, my eyes kept sucking the words on the yellowed page.

I need to run away, far before they find me. They have already killed ammi and abba! They just slaughtered them! I had not expected this to ever happen! I do not know what black magic Mataji did on him. He was never like this, my Rahul ji.

The ink was blotched there, and I could imagine the tears dropping on the page.

I can hear the front door opening, it must be them. I got to go baby, please be safe. I will find you one day.

Love you.

It ended abruptly like that. I turned the pages repeatedly for more, but the remaining pages were all blank. I kept on reading the last entry, again and again. The same words, and the same lines. The scene had morphed immensely. From the happy life of a newly-wed, it went to the grief of a daughter-in-law with grievances. But now, it was completely different; the threats had enlarged into actions, and the scorn was brought to life by violence. The reasons were unknown to me and the author alike, but, the grief was shared, and spread. Soon, I dissolved into blackness.

Excerpt #6 from Diary

Galti meri thi ek,
Par sajaa mili mujhe anek,
Ladki paida karke jaise tha ammi-abba ka paap,
Dharm bhi tha voh zalim, jiske karan chut gayi meri dekh-rekh.


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