Saturday, September 7, 2013

Success and Hapiness

I have been deliberating all this week, letting go of ideas, and forcing myself to not write- not that the week hasn’t been busy, with exams. So, I have slowed down for an occasion, a moment I wanted to cherish with complete pleasure. And now, I just wanna celebrate and dance and jump in joy! It’s been 7 months, 8000 page views and 300+ comments on my blog and here is the 100th post! I had started this all because of my mother, who forced me to start uploading my stuff somewhere, and the obvious answer to this was to make a blog.

I started off by just uploading my existing works, and when the folder containing them drained, I felt like I was facing a wall. Then there enters Adithya Manikumar with his bag full of tricks about writing. I seriously need to thank him about it! He has always brought out something to learn for me, and whenever I have hit a wall, he has broken it down. I started browsing, and also started getting more ideas from there.

By then, the academic year had begun again, and I started writing more as submissions for English in college. The ideas kept coming, and my aspirations kept increasing as well. Adithya then introduced me to haikus, and which attracted me a bit too much, and I started pushing for more.

So, finally, I decided two weeks ago that I should do 15 posts in 15 days to get to my 100 today, as incidentally it is my birthday as well…:D

So, on the day I turn 17, I am putting up my 100th post, and for it I would like to thank God, most of all- it is because of him that I keep getting ideas and the words to enhance my ideas. Next, I thank all of my friends who push me on with their comments, friends who provide me with new ideas, and the friends who have supported me with this.

A special thanks to the brothers I have obtained through this period and who have abused, and also ‘inspired’ me (Adithya, Rishikesh, Devji sir, Rayemon- you are the part behind the inspiration, Krishna and Anil are the ones behind the abuses…:P). Jokes apart, I would seriously thank you all for your undying support.

Going back up the list, and starting the count again, the largest thank you to my parents; who have forever been my idols in life and have always been at my side. Last week they surprised me with a Samsung Galaxy Note 510 as a birthday gift, which I wanted from a long time, and getting it numbed me with happiness. Mom and Dad, love you both so very much…and a big thank you for being there for me at all times. J

Signing off with the hope to keep writing, and a big thank you to my blog, which has been forced to change a lot in the time from its birth. Love you so much my lovely bloggie!!


  1. Happy Birthday :)
    Keep up the good work :)

  2. Replies
    1. Of course you will...and if you don't then I will find you..and I will kill you..;) :P

  3. Awesome Karan!!! A very happy birthday and many many congratulations on hitting the century in 7 months!! :)
    Have a fabulous day!

  4. Wow! 100 in such a short span! Great going!!!
    A very happy birthday to you!

  5. 100 posts in such a short period.. that was really something..
    I wish you a very happy birthday.. way to go Karan. God bless. :)

  6. Many Many Happy Returns of The Day Karan! and also congrats for your quick century and keep maintaining Ur good strike rate :)

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Hearty congratulations on your blog century!!

  8. dude d blog rocks....!!!
    loved it...!!
    i waise to dnt read nythin bt a few days bck jus tuk a look at ur blog....
    n nw im a fan of it...!!
    keep up d good work buddy...
    n congo...!!!

    1. Thank you brother...:)
      Keep visiting..:D

  9. " I felt like I was facing a wall. Then there enters Adithya Manikumar with his bag full of tricks about writing "

    Here I want a drum-roll with cool BGM and a shot of "honourable myself" walking towards the camera, with a large pair of Ray Ban, in slow motion.

    1. We will make something like that next time, as your help keeps you will be a part of my post next time as well..;) :D

  10. Congrats Karan, keep blogging and you will climb all the milestones of a blogger