Saturday, February 1, 2014

Guest Post #1

So, one day I and Karan were talking about UBC when he got this idea to have me write a guest post for his blog. In return, I asked him to do the same (Mauke ka fayda, you know :P), and then we were both confused. I did not have an idea what to write about, nor did he! But yet we were excited. Finally we did it, Karan! Yaye to us :D

Before you go on to read the post, all The K-Factor fans, here’s a short description of me. I am an engineer, a writer by passion. I write at The Inspirational Romance Writer ;) and I also have a Facebook Page for my blog. Do shower you love on my blog too!

I asked Karan to give me a topic. He wanted me to do a Hindi post as he liked my recent work in hindi- a shayari post! (HERE)
Below is what I came up with! Hope you like it.

Bahane se tumhari baat karte hai,
Harr pal tumhe yaad karte hai,
Inti baar to aap saans bhi nahi lete honge,
Jitni baat hum aapko yaad karte hai.

Aapki muskaan hamari kamzori hai,
Keh naa paana hamari majburi hai,
Aap kyun nahi samajhte iss khamoshi ko,
Kya khamoshi ko zuban dena zarurai hai?

Akele hai tere bina,
Lagta toh yahi hai,
Par teri yaadon ka saath hai,
Jo chodta hi nahi hai!

Mohabbat hai tujhse ab iss kadar mujhe,
Ke dil tere alava kisi aur ko chahe,
Toh guna sa lagta hai!
Kaash kabhi aisa bhi waqt aaye,
Ya tu hume mil jaye,
Ya yeh soch hi kahin kho jaye!

Aasun tere niklein toh aakhein meri ho,
Dil tera dhadke toh dhadkan meri ho,
Khuda kare humara ishq itna gehra ho,
Ke saansein teri rukein toh maut meri ho!

Na aao kareeb itna,
Judai se darr lagta hai,
Na chaho itna,
Chahat se darr lagta hai,
Tumpe toh bharosa hai,
Magar apne naseeb se darr lagta hai!

Kisi ko paana chahat nahi hoti,
Na mil paaye to yeh kismet nahi hoti,
Yun toh maangne se mil jaata hai dil bhi,
Par mange hue dil se mohabbat nahi hoti!

Kaisi ghazab hai yeh dil ki dastaan,
Mein yahan hoon aur jaane voh kahan,
Yeh dil bhi bade khel khelta hai,
Jo dil mein hai ussi ko dil ki baat batane se darta hai!

Personal comment by me (Karan :P): I loved this shayari and the one you had written before as well. Please make some time for me, and do teach me such stuff as we. ;) It is great to have a co-blogger and friend like you, and I hope this, and our other ideas and plans work without hitches. And Yaye to us \m/ :D ;)


  1. Ayesha shayari is kya baat kya baat.....!!!!
    Too good sweetheart !!!
    N btw is good technique to increase traffic for ur blogs:p!!!

    1. thank you, Rumisa :) :*
      yes! it's a trick :P shhh :P

  2. Wow... Hindi shayari ...
    Aayesha ... 1st time m read ur hindi shayari ... Twice .. Trice....
    It was really good ..
    And karan i also saw ur post .. .. poetry was nice ..

    1. Thank you, Tejas! :)
      Aw! Thrice! Wow! :D

    2. Thank you Tejas...:)
      Keep visiting..!!

  3. Perfect lines for Feb 14th !!!
    Beautifully expressed
    Loved it :)