Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What Is It Between Us?

In the darkness of the starry night,
I wait for you my dear,
I am very close, yet
Losing you is my biggest fear.

There I am alone,
A silhouette in the darkness,
A mere shadow I am without
Your presence, my Princess.

Bright shines your light,
As you show me the way,
Obstacles try to move you across,
But you never once sway.

Once I fall,
And then twice- again,
But there is your hand in mine,
Which saves me the blinding pain.

You hold me in your loving arms,
And say that you won’t leave,
I nod and I just smile,
Your words are a promise I perceive.

There cometh the light,
And away you cringe,
Your highlighting presence it was once,
Which now becomes a mere bright fringe.

What of the promise,
You made to me love,
Was it just a lie,
Or did He say it from above.

No answer you give,
As you disperse in the light,
And I am alone again,
The lone warrior back to fight.

Why did you come,
If leaving was all you wanted,
I wouldn’t have seen the road ahead,
And would be able to go on undaunted.

Curses and abuses,
I give aloud to you,
But as dusk comes back,
So do you.

You don’t hold back,
And nor do I try,
You hands hold me tight,
Which makes me feel to cry.

Is it love,
Or something else I ask,
We both don’t know the answer you say,
But living it happily is just our task.

I hold you with a smile,
Tightly in my arms,
You do the same,
And we stay like this till the morning again swarms.