Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winning is Everything..!!

Life is up,
And down at times,
Writing stuff is my hobby,
And sometimes it rhymes.

Not always is it general,
It’s exclusive too,
Enough challenges there are,
And winning is all I want to do.

What is winning,
That’s the question here,
Let me take a deep breath,
And answer without fear.

Top of the world,
Is the real feeling,
Like nothing can harm me,
And there’s no need for any healing.

A wish too strong,
Winning is my obsession,
It’s about giving my best,
And not bending under oppression.

Winning is success,
And about beating the rest,
Staying ahead of others,
And vanquishing the quest.

Winning is excellence,
The bliss of being number one,
Followed by all,
And faltering behind none.

Winning is happiness,
It’s about that wide smile,
It asks for celebration,
For going that extra mile.

Winning is pride,
It’s about self satisfaction,
Doing what my heart says,
And showcasing my imagination.

Winning is eternity,
A memory which remains forever,
Something to never miss,
Nor to hide ever.

Winning is development,
A way to get better,
To beat my personal best,
It’s a natural challenge setter.

Winning is being different,
And unique as well,
It’s about being the Chosen One,
And learning from how others fell.

Winning is love,
It stays closest to heart,
Never does it hurt,
And nor does it painfully part.

Winning is everything,
It’s all that really matters,
It’s about getting appreciation,
And also having some mad haters.

Call me selfish,
Or even cold hearted,
But I’m just too crazed to win,
And not to be among those who departed.

This is what it means,
Does winning to me,
Giving everything for it,
And getting what others can just see.

This post is written for the India Today Conclave 2014 Contest in association with indiblogger.in. For more information, you can visit their website (http://www.indiatodayconclave.com).


  1. 'Winning is my obsession'
    Mine too! :D ;)
    Well written Karan!

  2. Beautifully done Karan. Loved the way how you have concluded the poem. Lovely flow :)

  3. Beautifully written Karan..Yes winning sometime becomes an obsession, mostly it remains a passion :)

  4. I believe very differently about what winning is, but nonetheless, one can see the effort and passion that winning evokes for you.. and we all have our own shades and perspectives and to each his own.. i love the poem, regardless of the fact that I have a totally contradictory meaning of "winning" :) :)

    1. Glad you liked the poem...:D :)
      Keep visiting..!!