Sunday, February 23, 2014

Why Did You Have To Go?

There you stand,
A lone figure,
On the crowded platform,
Old yet filled with vigor.

Your eyes,
A bit weak,
Find my wave out,
However may it be meek.

Trampling slowly,
Your smile shines and glows,
Eternally from your persona,
Strength and strong will flows.

Your old hands at work,
You chance the bags away,
How much may we protest,
You manage to keep us at bay.

You plan and bring,
A taxi or black auto,
It clarifies and satisfies,
The perfection you have- your motto.

You scamper the whole day,
Doing work, going around
You shout sometimes at us,
But that is to make us sound.

Your round tummy I remember,
And also your bald head,
Your different TV shows,
And odd times of going to bed.

Then comes the day,
To return back home,
To take back memories,
From the places you took me to roam.

Vacation home it was,
Which now seems all empty,
It was just your happy presence,
Which used to thrive- a plenty.

Away you have gone,
Leaving us all alone,
But we have to keep smiling,
And remember you happily- not mourn.

Learning from you,
We have to do things perfect,
There can’t be an error,
Or even a small defect.

No intimation of departure you gave,
Nor a petty sign,
A chance given,
We’d have made you fine.

No point in weeping now,
Nor in repenting stuff,
We have to move on,
Accepting that life is tough.

Forever you will,
Stay in our hearts,
Also in memories,
As one of life’s integral parts.

We loved you a lot,
And will eternally do so,
But all we wish to ask,
Is why did you have to go?

I am dedicating this post to my grandpa who left me and my family all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago. I love you grandpa, you shall forever remain in our hearts with your smiling face, and that is what we shall remember you with.

Here is a short video of my uncle, which was made by a friend of his (Joshua Newton), which is also uploaded in dedication to my grandpa.

Love you Grandpa! We miss you!


  1. Just for your info... While me and my sister were going to college few days before, we passed by his lane one morning and I joked that I was going to Paresh's home... she asked me whether he'd be there... and I almost replied "Naa... Only uncle and aunty will be there"...

  2. This is such a heartfelt piece written by you da! I could at least sense a moment considering the intimacy you've with him. :) :)

    - Rahul