Tuesday, March 4, 2014

25 Letters

The moment I applied to join Project 365, I knew it was going to be a great experience. Prompts and topics are what every writer or blogger fails to get at one time at least, and I was going to get it all in a silver platter, along with the ways to promote my blog and all the things a blogger desires.

After seeing my English scores of my board exams, my principal, and English teacher, went on to say that I am a bit too exploratory when it comes to choosing a topic and I love taking the risk factor to a new high each time I sit to write. I think this logic applies to every post I write, and so here I am! I have taken on the challenge to not bring into play a letter of the English alphabet, and for challenge, I have chosen a vowel!

A letter is all
It takes to make,
A word, a sentence,
And a paragraph namesake.

Chemistry I like,
Especially the atom,
So small yet so important,
That is hard to fathom.

Atoms of English,
Are these twenty six,
Polymers they make,
And words they fix.

I skip twenty one,
So I miss seventeen too,
Inseparable these two are,
So there’s nothing I can do.

Five vowels there are,
With the rest- consonants,
Less they may seem,
Yet they are the necessary components.

Words infinite made,
From this little pack,
Add many together,
And there’s a complete paperback.

A for apple,
And B for ball,
That’s how we begin,
It’s not directly the book stall.

This comes at three,
And goes on forever,
Eternal this learning is,
As English and its words end never.

Now I’m tired,
And I can’t go on,
Yet I have to,
To complete this weird song.

I yearn for thy presence now,
Before which I never did,
Realization hits me now,
As thee have now hid.

Come back oh dear,
I can’t take it no more,
I will respect thee now,
As I now have this lore.

I’m ending it here,
With some mild advice,
Don’t ever skip a vowel,
It won’t feel nice.

Now, I can’t go on. I’m dead certain of that, and here’s where this tiny poem comes to an end. When I read the topic, I had the feeling that it won’t be that tricky, and now I feel that I was wrong then.

In the challenge to skip one letter, I managed to skip two others as well, and that is something I had not considered. The challenge asks me to skip only one letter, and that’s what the title says as well. After doing all this hard work, I managed to fail the prompt! I didn’t bring into play J and Q, and those are really tricky clients, aren’t they? Well, now I haven’t failed the prompt as I have these two in the sentence before this one! Yippee! :P

Well, cheating is one of my bad habits, and ignoring that fact, I want to go on to the end of this post. It’s an honor for me to write for Project 365, and yeah, that’s all.

Please leave thy feelings in the comment box below. Merci!


  1. Karan, I don't think you've cheated. You've done full justice to the prompt and Kudos to that :) Liked the take on it too. Welcome to Project 365

  2. J and Q are tricky as well as the high scorers on Scrabble. I love your poem, so much that I will not call this 'cheating' as you do. If it is, well, so what? Right?! :D
    Sweet little post. I almost sang the poem aloud!

    1. Thank you Ma'am...Glad you liked the post..:D :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  3. Cheating it ain't! Loved the poem and I can see the effort you have put in to bring out this wonderful piece to match the prompt. Good job, Karan! Your K-factor works. :-)

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked my take on the prompt..:)

  4. This is one post which I considered a challenge, so you can imagine the toughness.
    Rest assured, this is one gem of a post! :)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you ...glad you liked it..:)
      Keep visiting..!!

  6. Lovely word play on display here Karan. Nice little take on the prompt, I would've never guessed that a poem would be material for this particular prompt.

    1. Thank you Sir, glad you liked it..:D
      Keep visiting..!!