Friday, March 28, 2014

It's A Blogging Life

Let’s start right off,
With this little rant,
It’s a blogger’s life for me,
I try to change but I still can’t.

I hope to make this rhyme,
Yes I really do,
The search begins for words,
And thesaurus is where I go to.

Picking words at random,
I try to make some sense,
To understand them at first,
I need a very thick lens.

Cut and edit,
Is next in my list,
Now I’m leaking things,
Which need to remain in my fist.

Topics come and go,
And we sometimes follow the leaders,
Comments drip in slowly,
It’s almost the same with readers.

Poetry is written,
And so are endless rhymes,
They keep on going,
Till the alarm bell chimes.

Soon comes a contest,
Or a blogger’s meet,
A chance to do something big,
But that’s an impossible feat.

Fights break out,
As the results come,
Sadness hits the heart,
And the loss is washed away by some rum.

Mild depression strikes,
Due to the rejection,
There’s nothing one can do,
Other than face the dejection.

Time passes on,
And the heart wishes to write,
It never sees the wrong,
And always favors the right.

The pen starts scraping,
And ink blots the page,
Freedom the nib wants,
A wish to break out of the cage.

Now I’ve crossed limits,
And gone on a bit too long,
I’ve made a meaningless jingle,
A worthless blog song.

I feel I’m back,
But it’s a long week to go,
I hope it goes by fast,
And I truly return from this low.

Not a bad re-start this is,
Though I didn’t mention stories,
I’ll use that next time,
Now there’s no worries.

Writing is all I do,
Without the hope of anything,
That will remain my life,
It will forever mean everything.

I missed you bloggie,
I won’t again just let you be,
You’re my lover and true friend,
So it’s a blogging life for me.