Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Angels and Demons

Cool air hit her eyes,
As he held her, an embrace,
Hands clutching him lightly,
She just wanted to return to base.

How art thou,
He went on to ask,
Fine she smiled,
Her face just a mask.

There is a problem,
I sense it dear,
Speak out my child,
What is it, that you fear?

Nay respected father,
There is nothing to hide,
Just a small fear,
Of the rules I’ll have to abide.

Petty grievance is that,
The one which you lay,
But thou have to follow,
To keep bad at bay.

That’s the mistake,
O Father which you make,
Just hear me once,
Only for your daughter’s sake.

Thou keep me away,
From the dreary world,
But have thou seen in the castle,
The monster who waits curled?

Who is it you talk off,
My lovely daughter,
I shall cut his head off,
And make the world better.

Head bowed and eyes wet,
She looked at her father,
It will offend you,
So I’d not say rather.

My wrath won’t stop,
Unless you take the name,
Say it out loud,
Or do I see some shame.

Shame it is,
My dear dad,
It’s you I meant,
Not any other lad.

Lost your head have you,
Oh young Lady,
Daughter thou are mine,
Or a knot would be for you, ready.

See your anger,
And the fires you burn,
The soldiers you kill,
And the women who into widows you turn.

The animals you hunt,
For food and fun as well,
Don’t they have families,
Or should they go to hell.

The plunders you make,
And the villages you loot,
It is not all dark,
But it black like soot.

Massacres you do,
And blood you run in pools,
That is thy work,
And thou tell me about rules.

The demon thou say,
Is running out there,
And thou add to it,
That I must take care.

I can handle that evil,
Which waits outside for me,
But I wish I could do something inside,
Rather than just let it be.

There is wicked in each,
Everyone and all,
We have to decide our actions,
And how low we fall.

It’s not simple,
To see what depicts life,
It’s our choices and ways,
And not rules, talk and a bloody knife.

Forgive me Your Highness,
Father and great king,
I can’t stay like this,
Oblivious to everything.

Thou art right,
O princess, my child,
I shall change myself first,
And become very mild.

Smile I shall,
And also shall give,
Anything for you love,
I hope you forgive.

There changed the king,
He mended his ways,
This isn’t easy as told,
Quite a lot this long rhyme says.


  1. Indeed it does say a lot :)
    Not easy to change oneself, perhaps his daughter's words would ring in his ears forever.

  2. Stunning, speechles...brilliant poem Karan..Heart touching indeed! Keep up the good work!