Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ideas of Idealism

There come the elections and the fake promises and also the exams. Yes, as a student, this is seriously one of the worst times of the year- with Holi and football and then the exams. My blog is resting a bit (it is when I’m writing this post around a couple of weeks before today that is), and it’s also time for bringing some change in it. But yes, how can I ignore this opportunity to write with a group of excellent bloggers on a series of prompts which go on for a year. I have got 4 posts in a month, and I’m running amok with the pressure, so I don’t know at all how these Big 4 (Sid, Sakshi, Rekha and Jairam) will be managing the strain. Kudos to all of you!

So, I began with elections and promises. You think I’m going to go on again about political parties and their superb ways of working? I would have loved to do that again, but no, today is different. I plan on being a bit positive in my outlook, and I hope to not criticize anyone (tough task for me).

Getting back, again, to the point which awaits me- elections and the following promises which usually are fake war cries to stimulate people to think of a better future. It all works towards creating an ideal community, and a place which is accepted by all, with faces splattered with wide smiles and toothed and toothless grins. Something which everyone likes, and wants- an ideal community.

So what would your ideal community have? RTI, Lokpal, women empowerment, some tea and milk? (I just can’t hold back myself from making small jabs at certain people.) Idealism is a matter of perspective and it truly differs from person to person. What I may feel ideal may be the worst thing there could be for you, and that’s how it should be. Well, your points are freely welcomed in the comments section below and we can surely have a long discussion as well on this. But yes, following below are some of my ideas about my ideal community.

Are you really happy? Is your work and your daily routine just a routine or does it impart you happiness to follow it? Do you wish to do some activities which you cannot on a daily basis and you feel at least some regret about it? I’m sure there will be at least one person who would say that, “No, I’m not happy”, and there would be many more who say, “I’m happy, but yes I could use some change”. So yes, there goes my first point in my ideal community- happiness about the self. People must be satisfied with themselves and there must not exist any comparison between them. Along with this, people must be happy about every small thing they do and self satisfaction must prevail. This can lead to a reduction in greed and thus reduced crimes and it would thus make society a better and safer place to reside in.

I would have loved to talk about reduce crime, but that will not work to solve anything. We must concentrate on the more important factor there, and that is the cause of the crime. Greed was one point, which was touched before, but the next factor is inequality. Here, it is the divide caused by the most scarce and most wanted resource on this planet- money.

And I wish for equality as the next ingredient for my ideal community. Equality by all means- between the rich and the poor i.e. by money, by religion, by caste, by creed, by country, by language, by food, and by all those petty differences we have used to create walls between us and others. We are all humans, and that is what we must remember forever. God never wished to see us as Indians, or Americans, or as French or any of the names we created for ourselves. He never made India and Pakistan, we did. He never made Muslims and Hindus and Christians, we did. If equality is attained between every person on this planet, then there will be rise to unity, which is my next point.

How does a virus work in a body? It itself has no brain, or nucleus, which leads it on to infect a host and then it goes on to have a large impact on our bodies. How does it manage such a herculean task while it is so minute? Diversion and isolation. A single virus can affect just 1 cell, which is later isolated and this goes on till our body has various partitions like that. We can imagine the world as the body, the people as cells and the various problems we face, like corruption, as the virus. If we make sure its method of propagation does not work by being united and equal on all fronts, then there will not be a single problem which we, the united people, will not be able to handle.

I guess this has gone on to be like a political speech of sorts, and I must confess that it’s quite some time since I’ve done a write-up on a topic like this. Feels good though and I must make a note to myself to write some more stuff like this.

So, this is what my ideal community contains. There are some more points I would have loved to add to these 3, but those would be minor ones which could be tackled by following the above 3 points. There is always a chance that you will have points different from mine, and this is just my opinion on the topic. To share your points, go down to the comments section, and begin typing!

This post is written for Project 365’s prompt titled ‘Idyllic’.


  1. Good post Karan. First of all, the big 4 comment- cracked me up. Secondly, you must write on such topics more often. Youth like you are the torchbearers of our society and country and if you believe is your ideal society, then we are safe.

    1. Glad you liked the post Sid...Will surely try to write more on such topics..:D :)