Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Smile For You

Time has reversed I feel,
It’s the events happening,
Again, I feel vulnerable,
Left to dry in the heat,
Uncovered, alone, just like prey,
Its wild, all around, and no escape,
I can feel the eyes, trained on me,
My back in the crosshairs,
Pushes and shoves, strong,
As I stumble, but up again,
With a smile, my arms raised,
In peace, I smile, I laugh,
‘Cause I’m satisfied, with you, no,
But with myself, as I see you,
Break through the maze, and come,
Towards me, I’m waiting, I’m expecting,
This to happen, your smile to shine,
Seeing that makes me melt, my heart too,
I’m happy for you, with myself,
But for me, that I know not,
It’s just the scars tingling,
The wounds bleeding, again,
But my heart still smiles for you.

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