Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A T(r)ale of Food

It’s a story of love, a long story of life,
It’s sad to say, that it involves a knife,
Held in the ground, or standing above it,
Waving in the wind, or holding on by the green bit,
That’s who you are, a tiny speck so raw,
A salad, a mince, add mayo, make it coleslaw,
Colorful and vivid, or a dull dry fruit,
Taste is all that matters; it’s just the hard truth,
Juicy and ripe, why you fruits so tasty,
Put some together, a dessert for when you’re hasty,
With the veggies done, fruit passed on too,
There’s nothing more to come, I ask said who,
The liquids sweet, are yet to add to the pile,
Honey, milk and juice, ignoring them would be vile,
There’s the spice, donating so much flavor,
You put it all right, then you’re darn right clever,
Fresh seasoning is all I guess there is left,
Beauty is all a dish needs, so just be very deft,
That’s all is needed, for a dish to be made,
Just the prep that’s done, don’t let your enthusiasm fade,
Cook, boil, simmer, bake, that’s not all there is,
Frying is an art too, as is carving this,
I’m vegetarian, there’s not more to be said,
I haven’t eaten an animal, be it living or dead,
A journey there is long, with food at my side,
I’m going to fill my stomach now, so don’t ask me to share my ride.