Friday, December 26, 2014

The Last Hurdle

Life is short, it just goes by,
With all its color, and the shadows,
It stares right through, tearing apart,
Clenching from the soul,
Awaiting the fight to go on,
The words on paper glisten,
The fresh ink gleaming on the parchment,
Weary are the hands, heavy is the head,
Just the toll scribbling has on us,
Celebration awaits, a party so magnificent,
Held away just by the couple,
The couple of time and the last hurdle,
It’s the last fight, the last stand,
One last jump to make for the year,
A push before the New Year slows down,
A rush before the calm of the New Year sets in,
It’s a funny feeling, of excitement and anxiety,
Of fear and hope, of curiosity and desire,
The passion pushes on, a kick to strive,
It’s a one way street- exertion,
And it’s just for a day, a moment, a time,
Just the last time, one last time,
Before the end of the year,
One last stand, one last fight, one last hurdle,
Then no more,
No falling, no slipping, no going down,
Up is the way, and it’s new.