Friday, December 19, 2014

Little Coffins

As the sun dips,
Returning to its abode,
The smoke continues rising,
And the odor too,
The structure barely standing,
The temple of education destroyed,
And with it the angels too.

Carnage and rampage seem light,
To describe this massacre,
This revenge, meaningless,
Just a growing limb of pain, of death,
Unnecessary loss, to the world,
We want to be ourselves they say,
They slaughter their own, they never say.

They weren’t long into life,
Barely standing above our shoulders,
The future of their nation held on theirs,
As they joked, and they laughed,
They studied, and learnt, to live,
Unaware of the awaiting shadow,
As death walked in, exercise was on their mind.

Time didn’t separate a lot,
The shrieks of joy, changed into terror,
The white floor layered with rivulets of red,
The walls left with the sun spying through them,
Lives taken, forcibly, just cold blooded murder,
Done in the name of God they say,
No God harms His children, they don’t say.

They hadn’t laughed, they hadn’t sung,
They hadn’t seen the colors of life,
And they saw red, before black,
They hadn’t smiled, as much, nor talked,
And they were silenced,
To leave back the tears, in our eyes,
To bring the anger to us,
The smallest coffins are the heaviest to carry.


  1. Very touching, Karan. And very well done too. Sadly the pain is much too much :(

    1. Yes, I agree Sid. Too much of pain and suffering...
      Glad you liked the poem though :)

  2. Reading this, tears simply flowed from my eyes.... So well said!