Saturday, December 20, 2014

Doubt Of Existence

Can you hear those whispers,
Those words echoing in your ears,
Playing through the darkness,
Weaving through the silence,
I said it once, just for you.

Now there isn’t a thing, anything,
Just an empty vortex of the past,
Memories and a maze of moments,
I look through it to find just you,
If you had to leave, then why did you come?

I refrain myself from regret,
It’s strange, the feeling inside me,
A blitz of sorrow with the rage of revenge,
There are steps which I can take, but shouldn’t,
Nothing will separate me from them, and you?

You took the happiness, you took the smiles,
You took innocence, you took their laughter,
In your name it occurs, righteous sacrifice,
To avenge your name they say,
Is it you who wants the blood, or is it them?

We are trying to fight, to prevent,
But your name is like Wonka’s golden ticket,
Sacrifice, to not eat, nor drink,
Not speak, not laugh, nor enjoy those colors,
To not see the butterflies on the flowers,
To not smell the nectar, to not taste the fruit,
To not share the vivid colors of life,
Why would you give it to us if you didn’t want us to experience?

In your name they do, they preach, they teach,
I whispered your name, for strength,
Prayed to you, for the world to be a better place,
They kill, for you they say, they shed sacred blood,
Yet you cause them no harm,
Are they too little to see, dastardly pests,
Or are they right, and what they do is your wish,
Or is ignorance bliss,
It’s your world and we are just the pawns,
You are the king, and the queen, the master,
But when the innocent suffer, in vain,
I doubt your existence.

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