Sunday, June 28, 2015


Sitting with you is like being in heaven,
Softly holding your hands and taking in all you say,
A seamless creation and those dark alluring eyes,
Wide and deep just like the sea, mysterious and stormy,
You tell me stories with just a twinkle of an eye,
Passing on color and vigor to a carcass so dry,
I lay in the sun, rotting in my obstinacy,
A figure bound in its own web,
Unable to break free from the bondages of life,
Drying out emotions in the sunlight of the present,
It’s hazy and vivid with reds and blues coming together,
A combination of the dying light and the widespread smog,
Echoing the plethora of ideas in me,
Held and caged, hidden away and destroyed,
They all remain in heart and in soul,
Pouring out from within with you at my side,
Trust built to survive the toughest,
You're what the world desires, a priceless companion indeed,
You listen, you speak; you do the right things,
You hold forth high on the battle field, your presence so strong,
A gift so true, a catalyst.