Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The hole seems to get smaller with every passing second,
The air gets thinner as moments weave themselves into memories,
The light soon vanishes into the vivid darkness,
The bars hold me yet not in entirety,
The wandering mind roams on the meandering easel of thought,
So wild, so fresh, so new, all in its own way, and so different,
Subject to suppression and oppression it waits,
Just to make its way to the surface so abstract,
The bars make way for the weird walls of society,
A smile at fate, rather a snigger or a smirk,
Not loathing but a desire to explore beyond the fence,
To venture out beyond the walls of imagination,
To prance in the meadow of the unknown,
Just a wish to break free from the bonds, and to not be kept confined.

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