Saturday, June 27, 2015


A burden of tranquility holds me down,
Shivers rush through my body as the pain spasms through,
The cold icy night isn’t felt as my blood freezes,
I’m all but in peace, broken by too many,
I have crashed to the floor and I have slid down too,
But that’s your story too,
The eyes see the truth untrue dancing in the obvious,
But they see not the lies fabricated,
Through the gaps you looked in,
Your eyes wider than the hole which just stood there,
You didn’t fill in the pieces, nor did you scrape at the sides,
You waited for me to complete the plot,
Just as I did for you,
I look at you today, and a smile reveals it all, and so does a tear,
A gentle touch, a firm hug, a soft caress,
Fiddling with our fingers and playing with hair,
All you did was to be a mirror for me, as I did for you,
Identical images closing in as we stand together,
We are the same, yet we are so different.


  1. Wonderful :)

    1. Thank you Ma'am...glad you liked it :)
      Keep visiting..!!