Sunday, June 21, 2015

Being A Shadow

This is for a figure, who stood by in thick and thin,
A person who stood forever in the shadows,
Being a railing whenever I stumbled,
A handhold, a backbone, every word is too less,
Someone who pushed me ahead,
Yet carried me, and held me high on his shoulder,
We played, we talked; we created a world for ourselves,
We shared, we cared, and I learnt it all from you,
Now they say we are the same, yet I nod in denial,
There be no one so great, not me in the least,
I shall forever be your shadow, following your steps,
You lead the way for me, as I hold my head so high,
The best gift I have with me, my father, the best, the greatest.


  1. Touching tribute to a great father!

  2. A very nice tribute, Karan.. Your father must be proud of you :)

    1. Glad you liked it Ma'am :)
      A son's life only exists to make his father proud...that's all I can say..