Saturday, August 29, 2015

Now Or Never

There is so much to say to you,
It’s more than words and stories together,
I wish to speak to you, from not mind but heart and soul,
My voice tatters, my will falters, all at just your sight,
I'm blinded by your thoughts, led on by your voice,
Your face so patiently carved, tears my heart to pieces,
And yet the words nay come to thee,
I stand by your side, a shadow invisible in the light of the day,
Sunned by your smiles, your happiness colors me bright,
I wait with my heart in my mouth, for you to part away,
A nightmare come true, a moment I wish to never see,
Yet, I wait, for the right time to lift me up,
I say no more than I am needed to, exactly how you want it,
I do as you please, not a single toe out of line,
Words cannot bear the burden of what I feel, and nor can I,
I hide the truth, and I lie to myself, transcendental,
There will come a road too soon, to pass together or part,
The crossroad's marked by my words I know,
Fearfully, I know it’s now or never.

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