Saturday, May 3, 2014

Life- A Poem

I don’t know what’s going on,
‘Cause life’s all jumbled,
Nothing seems right,
‘Tis like into a hole I’ve tumbled.

There’s not way to go,
There’s no sign of right,
The road’s all dark,
And there’s no helping light.

It’s a maze of the unknown,
All through and through,
Sometimes makes me wish,
That I never grew.

So many riddles,
But not a single answer,
Don’t be so shocked,
I haven’t got cancer.

The first four verses,
Did make you think,
Now I’ve gone off track,
Let me re-establish the link.

There’s ups and downs,
From the start to the end,
You need traction at the curves,
And braking at the bends.

Life’s a long race,
But not with the rest,
Control yourself first,
At times the self is a pest.

Strive to the finish,
Don’t leave it half way,
You shall fall in the middle,
Getting up will be the only light ray.

Start from the bottom,
And make your way up,
Do all that without falling,
Then there’s nothing in your cup.

Keep working hard,
Yet save your hope,
Be strong forever,
And never loosen the rope.

A rare rhyme this is for me,
‘Cause motivation isn’t what I do,
Said from the heart this piece is,
Reasons are for this unknown too.

Back to my shell,
I’m in my comfort zone,
This rhyme surely,
Didn’t tickle your funny bone.

To end I must say,
That you always turn on the track,
It’s your choice to go on,
And to follow the right path to get back.


  1. Beautifully started and gracefully ended. Lovely take on life Karan!

    1. Thank you Ma'am :D :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. izzz reallliieezzz lovvrezzz thiizzz.. now my own comment has reminded me of the cat i never haddd :( :(

    But i love ur blog.. should read more of it :)

  3. and dun reply keep visitng or maa'm to me :P :P I will tell u what to reply and you can copy paste :D :D :D

    If this was facebook, i would have liked my own comment :D :D

    1. I like this comment :P
      And vaise, Keep visiting Ma'am :P :P