Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Verses of Direction

The journey has been good,
The journey has been long,
I prefer to be still called a newbie,
And not to play my 250 posts’ gong.

Core Team asked me to help,
And to write some advice,
That’s a very bad option,
As I tell many lies.

Blogging isn’t tough,
Though it isn’t that easy too,
No rules as such in it,
It all just works as you want it to.

This is too complicated,
To comprehend fully,
It’s like saying something like,
A super friendly bully.

I fell to a low,
In making my poem rhyme,
I guess that’s the reason AdSense rejected me,
And didn’t allow me to earn a single dime.

Let me get back to the topic,
And not waste any more time,
This is a diversion you can use too,
Though it’s sometimes called a crime.

There I mentioned money,
And earning via ads as well,
It works to irritate readers at times,
And can make them run away like hell.

There are also contests,
Which shall knock at the door,
That’s not the catch,
It’s the later part which is quite a bore.

When the results come out,
And you scrape even a tiny prize,
It makes you feel great,
And increases your chest size.

But when comes the loss,
That’s the dangerous part,
It de-motivates you a lot,
And rattles your poor creative heart.

Then comes the depression,
As realization seeps in,
There is a feel of anger on the self,
Which rises from the within.

That’s the time,
When you should hold yourself,
Refrain from doing anything harsh,
And to keep your anger away on the shelf.

Keep yourself calm,
And forever on your steady course,
Make yourself write,
Even if it requires force.

Always keep going,
And forever write from the heart,
It’s about learning something new,
And not about adding followers to your cart.

That’s what blogging is,
An endless journey of hope,
In the long run there’s loss and also some wins,
But, you better learn how to cope.

I need to return now,
Back to my daily writing,
It’s my obsessive hobby,
And not getting a post is nail-biting.

But that’s just me,
A desperate daily blogger,
But hey it’s just my thoughts,
And I haven’t made even an augur.

I think this is enough,
Yes it surely is,
You shall understand it completely,
Even if you ain’t a word wiz.

Hope this post helps break,
The earlier record of seven,
Core team it’s all for you,
‘Cause such a lovely prompt you have given.

This is the end,
But the beginning for you,
Hope to see newbies blogging harder,
I love reading you’ll too!

This was some advice,
From an amateur’s mouth,
Don’t take me to be proud,
Or even a tad uncouth.

Core Team is all there is,
In the matter of experience,
I just crossed the boundary,
I need to end and run hence.

This was written for Project 365’s Open-to-all prompt.


  1. Ha..ha..ha:):D
    Wonderfully written, Karan:)

  2. Kiddie... this was good.. i had a couple of laugh riot moments there esp at
    "When the results come out,
    And you scrape even a tiny prize,
    It makes you feel great,
    And increases your chest size."

    I suck at rhymes. when i write rhyming poetry, I write like
    "I am trying hard to rhyme
    Pls bring me a glass of lime"

    :P :D :D
    I loved this one.. its a little silly in pars, but that's how rhymes are supposed to be.. for someone not yet 18, you are deffo an inspiration for many...

    Love your zest for writing and love this piece of advice too.. have a logn long longgg way to goooooo :) :) :)

    1. Itni badi comment on my blog...I haven't seen something like this before :P
      That lime thing sounds natural USE it!!!
      Thank you for alllll those wishes :D :)
      I must not say this...but I am ready to take the risk: Keep visiting Ma'am!!! :'D

  3. I simply loved the advice Karan. You made it all looknso simple and easy to follow. Demotivated and depressed I guess almost all new bloggers get, buy as you mentioned that's exactly whem you should hold on. Good job!

  4. That's amazing Karan. Yes, blogging is an obsession. Sometimes I wonder why I slog when I earn zilch. But then, dil hai ki manta Nahin...

  5. Creative, humorous and overall fantastic execution of the prompt Karan.

  6. "It’s about learning something new,
    And not about adding followers to your cart." - YES!
    That was funny and philosophical at the same time. Loved it!