Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plastic: A New Build of Fans


The 2nd IPL finalist being decided amid a great run fest, the winners who shall proceed are the Kings XI Punjab. Amid the celebration, the KXIP management realized that the number of fans celebrating the win had suddenly increased.

Also noted by several other people, this statement invoked a lot of verbal violence on social networking sites. The team is yet to announce the official data on where the fans came from, but there are rumors that they were parts of the Mumbai Indians fan club and also the Royal Challengers Bangalore Camp, which were both knocked out by the men in yellow.

The Chennai Super Kings management just shared a single picture in reply to this speculation.
Credits: Troll Cricket, Facebook
Other teams have not officially responded, but we have got reports that they too are shocked by the level of plastic fans their team has in the Indian Premier League.

An unnamed official from one of the other teams said that, “We got this fan spike in the eliminator game, but we are quite used to such things happening. We have always noticed this when we play against certain teams, but then who doesn’t like fans.”

There are also reports coming in of people claiming that Raina’s 2nd fastest 50 in IPL history was fixed.

“It was all done to make the match interesting,” said a couple of new KXIP supporters.

When these people were asked about Sehwag’s century in the first innings of the same game, they began rejoicing and saying that he was the best player, and such an innings by him was long due. ‘Sheer class’ were the words used by the same people.

The Punjab management later revealed that the spike was not caused by fans of other teams, but by the haters of their opposition (Chennai Super Kings). The spokesperson went on to say that Raina’s innings was indeed very good and that even the management was scared of the result when he was playing.

As the night progressed, people began blaming their own teams for changing support. Some said that their team was knocked out so they were cheering for the side which stood opposite to the one they hated.

“My favorite team was knocked out earlier in the tournament even though we possessed various heavyweights. I guess it’s the management! I think Baba Ramdev should take over from the current owners. But yes, we were finalists when we came 2nd in the 2nd season on the League. Chennai must come last in the table, because they knocked us out.”

On being told what was said, Baba Ramdev gave us an exclusive take on this.

On seeing this image appear, the Congress and AAP have rushed in to say that this was all facilitated by the new government in Delhi, and that Baba Ramdev must be named in the FIRs of the fixing scandal. The Aam Aadmi Party has already made plans for dharna, while the Congress has made sure that their irresponsible leader has shut down Chota Bheem for some time.

Author’s Note: If you can’t support a team, then there is no point in hating another. Rather support the game, and ensure that the sport played is fair and allows you enjoyment. Sports are for recreation, entertainment and to unite the people in the sport, and not for abusing and blaming international stalwarts who have contributed quite a lot to cricket. Lastly, if your team gets knocked out, then at least do not hate the team which made that happen. They superiority in the game must have been what made sure of their advancement. Again I say, supporting a team isn’t important; it’s the support for a good game of the sport being played which matters.

PS: This post is written just for the sake of entertainment, and does not mean to harm or hurt any religious, political, cultural and plastic IPL sentiments.


  1. Well said.. the story is the same in football, where people change preferences like they change clothes everyday.
    You will find many as such in the upcoming world cup :P

    1. Ahh yes, that will be more exaggerated with people changing teams at every level. But at least the stuff about certain teams fixing and stuff won't appear.