Friday, May 2, 2014


Let’s have some pun today. Ah, I meant fun. Blogging is all about having fun, and to write for the self, so here I go. With the football club season coming to an end with the Champion’s League Final later this month, and with the largest sports event of the year coming up next month (The FIFA World Cup 2014), I’m going to dive head first into football today.

Football followers beware, you may have read some of these, but I shall try to create some puny magic here.

Q: How does Vincent manage to defend in numbers?
A: Because he’s got Kompany.

Q: How does Miroslav always get a pass in the 6 yard box?
A: He stands very Klose to the goal.

Q: Why did the coach tell the team to be wary of Eden?
A: He is always Hazard-ous to the opposition.

Q: Why has Petr never faced a tax problem?
A: He makes all his transactions in Cech-s.

Q: Why do scientists think that Ashley can help make a breakthrough in ways to being immortal?
A: He has always remained very Young.

Q: Why didn’t Joe let his friend score?
A: Because friendship doesn’t affect his Hart of steel.

Q: Why is Guardiola considered one of the best managers?
A: Because his Pep talks were very motivating.

Q: How did John manage to run into the oncoming forwards to save the goal?
A: As he wasn’t Terry-fied of anyone.

Q: Why didn’t the referee have a doubt when Leo scored the goal?
A: His shot was clean and not Messi.

Q: Why does Wayne always keep a napkin?
A: His nose is very Rooney.

Q: How did Gareth manage to evade jail after being convicted?
A: He paid €100M as Bale.

Q: Why did Ashley switch off the air-conditioner?
A: He was feeling Cole-d.

Q: Why did Tom get a place in the National side?
A: Because the head coach had noticed that he could pass the ball very Cleverley.
Q: Why did Fernando lose his place in the Spain National Side?
A: He just wasn’t the Torres he was before.

Here’s some cricket.

Q: Why did Tino want to bowl first in the innings?
A: He thought he was the Best.

Q: Why does Dale like to bowl out batsmen?
A: He doesn’t like leaving any Steyn-s.

Q: Why does England always play Joe in their side?
A: Because he is the Root which holds them together.

Q: How does Graham manage to make the opposition cry?
A: He has Onions stuck behind his shirt.

Q: Why is Kumar regarded as the most ethical umpire?
A: Because he is Dharmasena.

Q: How does Ian manage to be on time for everything?
A: His Bell always tells him of the time.

Please bear with these really bad PJs, and I hope they don’t affect your reading on my other posts. You can add to this long list by writing your ideas in the comments section below.