Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Journey...Sadness Redefined-Part 3

I rushed down the stairs. The open grounds welcomed me and the sun beckoned me with its long rays. The smile on my face stretched from ear-to-ear and my eyes twinkled behind their safe protection of glass and plastic drawn into a rimless frame. At the bottom of the stairs was my friend.

The same age as me, Dia was a little bit taller and athletic than me. Her fair skin and brown eyes along with cute dimples made her an extreme attraction for boys. She always seemed to be drowned in a crowd of boys, and she did exploit and enjoy their company to the highest limit. In comparison, I was a little shorter and fashioned myself with longer hair and adorned spectacles. Being with Dia had made me conscious of my looks and had me looking through the fashion magazines for new looks.

But today was different; Dia was standing alone in the shade waiting impatiently. Tapping incessantly on her mobile phone, she started off.

“How much time do you need to walk down the stairs? I waited here in the hot sun for 5 minutes. If you keep me waiting like this then in time I’ll become as black as coal!!”

“Hell no. I’m down in just below 2 minutes. And will you keep that phone inside, or should I go home,” I replied with a grim smile on my face.

“Aww…Kiara darling, why do you get so worked up? I’m just pulling your leg sweety,” she said and smiled. My smile shoved the expression of anger away and rose to the surface of my face. Seeing this, Dia continued.

“Listen, today we are going to meet someone.”

“Ohh…a new guy,” I intervened with a wink.

“Will you just shut up for a second or should I go alone? You’ll hear about him and that will make you like him as well.”

“So he’s like, that awesome?”

“Yep. He’s so cute, he is. And I love him. Tall, long hair, extremely fit, sweet brown eyes and he’s got a killer smile which just makes my heart stop,” she said as she entered her dream world.

“Ohh, and what about the guy you loved last week-the one who was the carbon copy of that actor you love? And by the way, what is his name?”

“You hear it from him, we are already very late. He will be so tensed…let’s go now!”

A blurred image had flown past my eyes. I imagined him to be just one of the boys who wooed Dia, and just a guy she liked, her new weekly favorite. But what I had not imagined was that he would be someone who would change my outlook of life; someone who would special.

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