Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Mile Apart

Together we stood,
At one time in life,
Then came a crossroad,
And our bond was cut with a knife.

Tension and turmoil,
Which needed intervention,
Fights we had alike,
And they needed prevention.

Love was what we needed,
Nothing else from the cart,
Wish we’d done it then,
To not live today a mile apart.

There we wait,
A couple of stealthy spies,
For the right moment to return,
In order to forget our goodbyes.

We still feel the same,
Though we stand quite far,
It does come back to me,
When I see the empty cookie jar.

We could have tried,
To work a bit harder,
Today would be easier,
And we wouldn’t be the mile farther.

Time wore us down,
Brought us down to our knees,
Love was just misplaced,
And it destroyed our peace.

Here I am again,
This time though not for you,
It still ain’t no simple journey,
Even though I’ve already made quite a few.

There you are,
On the same path,
You broke away easily,
So better was your aftermath.

There she emerges,
From the distant shadows,
From the rocky ice path,
She turns it into lush green meadows.

You look at me,
And I just shake my head,
We should have thought this,
When we saw the anger, a bit too red.

We turned away from each other,
At the corner we did,
No way to walk together again,
It’s the mile we can’t rid.