Thursday, October 9, 2014

Break The Brake

It’s been a break,
A brake, in life, the words,
The time, its stuck,
Not coming, through,
Not flowing, smooth,
Not running, like an engine,
Oiled, but creaking,
And groaning, whining,
Wheezing, I’m not, old,
Just tired, far, from the fire,
Extinguished, the light,
All gone, half burnt cinders,
Smoking, hazily poking,
Their head out, giving light,
A fight it is, against myself,
To write, to compose, myself,
And a rhyme, a poem, a story,
A journey to Rome, roaming,
I am, getting sharp,
All ways, not the head, just,
A day too long, I’ve waited,
A tad, more than needed,
To think, to pressure,
To get the feel, the motions,
Emotions, pushed together,
This is all I feel right now.

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