Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I’ve become slow, a bit,
Too low, but not gone below,
I’m here, but I’ve lost,
Time, and there’s a rhyme,
To this, verse, I need,
To curse, someone, anyone,
Not you, readers, now just,
A few, too less, I guess,
I’m old, out-dated, not really,
But bold, to get out of the fold,
And say, go make hay,
While the sun shines, I can,
Read the signs, and between the lines,
Walk past the mines, save myself,
For later, time is all I care,
About, don’t shout, or pout,
Damn those selfies, rated,
Over rated, and hated, by many,
But not, by most, a majority,
And I’ve gone, off topic,
Though this isn’t a biopic,
Or even epic, in a sense,
I’m tense, the feeling,
Is immense, and at the expense,
Of a reader, or two, I’ll write,
This, to fight, no, to claim,
No, nor to tame, you,
My thoughts, no, I can’t, say,
Well, I’m just random.

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