Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just A Star

You are, a star,
Superstar that shines bright,
In the night, spreading light,
So colorful, so wonderful,
So delightful, your company,
Makes me smile, forever,
With you, I’m unhappy never,
Clever, you are, in your ways,
As you run through life’s maze,
Hiding in the haze, playing,
So delicate, so intricate,
So difficult to fabricate,
So unique, so special,
You are, different,
So real, not apparent,
Your presence, a current,
It’s charging, and moving,
Changing seems easy,
The run doesn’t make me wheezy,
Not uneasy, around you,
I’m not, though I am lucky,
To have someone, so rare,
Someone to handle with care,
A necessity like air,
That’s what you are,
Just a star.

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