Monday, October 20, 2014

Laws Of Engineering

So, it’s a long time since I wrote something like this, something completely devoid of poetry, story, rhyme, or even free verse. Damn! I’ve been ranting through those poems for quite some time now, and I guess it’s time for a teeny tiny break, and this is it. The weekend began on a high, with exams ending, Diwali approaching, a movie, and some ecstatic moments with friends- a break!

The return of football (last weekend was the international break), and most importantly, events. After reading Half Girlfriend, and those textbooks question bank solutions (I don’t even know the textbook names), I’m waiting to reading some quality stories, soon. With sports competitions lined up for the week, I guess strength and sleep are going to be difficult to find (reasons to be found below).

Well, wish you all a Happy Diwali and a very Happy New Year too. In advance, ‘cause I’m not sure if I’ll get time to dedicate a post on those days. Ab shuru hogi meri dard bhari daastaan.

With basically no holidays for Diwali, the Sunday began with the announcement of a couple of contests, which I had no intention of writing for, all because of the lack of motivation (2k seemed less at that moment, now I feel I should have written multiple posts). Letting bygones be bygones, I’ll just go on.

“Sleep is a luxury one can’t afford, especially when doing engineering.”

No, it’s not due to the studies or the assignments or anything related to engineering. It’s just that there’s a lot of mischief to be done in the time spent awake, that I don’t like to sleep. Yes, I know it’s bad. I’ve heard it from anyone and everyone around me that I should sleep some more in order to be in good health and what not. But, come on!

I slipped up, again. Back to the topic.

The day began with the whole blogging world writing about Diwali, and some topic related to health which I didn’t even bother reading about. A random poem, lots of songs, some TV, and loads of browsing later, I realized that I needed to at least begin what I had been dreading from the start of semester.

“Every engineering student has his phone filled with pictures of assignment and question bank solutions, and that is quite a substitution for the unused textbook.”

Yes. Submission week. As the whole blogging world continued writing, I got out my paper, pens and paraphernalia to complete all the pending work, like just around 99.9% was remaining. Damn!

So, I don’t know why I wrote this, (that applies for all of my posts), and I’d like to end, with a try to reach a high. Here are some points which every engineering student will know and understand:
  1. A good night’s sleep is not expected, and is never attained
  2. Attendance is just a myth, and 100% attendance is just a perception
  3. The question bank is more important than the whole textbook a week before the exam
  4. Assignments are always done by 1 student and copied by the rest
  5. Every teacher has some favorite students circled out, and they are shouted at more than the rest of the class
  6. Every assignment is completed on the night before the day of submission
  7. Same goes with studies. Just because studying on days other than the day before the exam is too mainstream
  8. A student continues to be in a state of sleep or uniform disturbance along a boring lecture, unless acted upon by the ringing of an external stimuli (the end-of-class bell)
  9. Every teacher has a pre-decided time in each lecture which she devotes to tell the whole class how useless and hopeless they all are
I guess, time to sleep. No Diwali vacations too, and bad papers await. #TheDreadBegins


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you felt that way Ma'am :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  2. Can feel you bro!
    Just completed engineering recently..
    Trust me on this, you are really gonna miss those days later.

  3. Karan.... You are going to miss these days later!!!

  4. Oh I loved this post, because it made me think of my engineering days. God I miss them. I completely agree with all the points. And know what, my 40 page assignment booklet was circulated by the entire class and they made so many copies of it. Lol :-)

    1. Hahah...!! Glad you liked the post Ma'am :)
      Keep visiting..!!

  5. Ha ha.. I can so relate to this Karan :) . Sleep sure is a luxury one really cant afford..

  6. I second this! :P
    Happy four years! :D

  7. This post is something I cud relate to myself...even I'm an engineering student.and the 9 points Vch u mentioned are d guildliness of every eng student...well written karan