Monday, October 13, 2014


There’s a wish to write,
Some words forming in the mind,
It’s a rhyme, coming to the light,
There’s no topic, that’s all I need to find.

A need to stop and destress,
Just get away from the stress,
It all seems like a mess,
I guess I need a recess, to look back,
And digress, I do, really, yes.

The words are flowing,
As the tension is growing,
Precious time is going,
Is it time already, ‘cause,
I can hear the cock crowing.

The syllabus is an assumption,
Everything except the text is an addiction,
I don’t know the use, but I know the application,
I hope that’s enough, or I’ll end up facing demotion.

It’s time to go, really, no,
But studies is important, so,
I’ll stop here, in a mo,
Or I’ll end up mixing up sigma and rho.

The future seems bleak,
As the pressure is reaching its peak,
For now, marks is all I seek,
But I didn’t study before, just to not be called a geek.

Times up, the clock’s ringing,
The solutions in sight, and answers they’re bringing,
Back from immemorial, Eminem on the mute, still singing,
I’m running from them books, bored, thus cringing.

But that’s all I got to do.

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