Friday, October 17, 2014

Guts Over Fear

Be it the day, or be it night,
I'm gonna rebel, I’m gonna fight,
It’s not about power, but it’s about might,
And what’s right, about the truth,
And the lies, the sad goodbyes,
About feelings, and emotions,
The notions, and motions of people,
Harming you, and me, the world,
Is curled up in a ball, yeah,
And I’m here in the hall, standing tall,
Against what I dislike, and with what I like,
I don’t need a mike, to shout, this thought,
It’s mere, so tiny, much like the young of a deer,
I'll kick you in the rear, to say a word,
Or complain, oh dear, that’s so violent,
I’d rather not waste a tear, on you,
I'll just get back to the faster gear, number two,
And say what I stand for, with strength, and a glass of beer,
Well, I’d rather choose guts over fear.


  1. Guts over Fear
    ...nice poetry...strong thought flow too.

    Keep Blogging