Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Book Review of Inferno

It is a long time since I completed reading a book in less than a week. Not that the books were bad, but the truth was that I had shifted from reading. Having subscribed to newsletters from various sites, I had my eyes on Inferno since a long time (the other Dan Brown novels have surely amazed me). So, after my exams, I finally succeeded in obtaining a pdf of the book, and there started my journey around Europe.

Dan Brown has been successful to create the aura and environment he wishes to create using historical themes. This time, he focuses on Dante, to bring out the suspense. Professor Robert Langdon flies across nations, and beats deadlines in order to decipher a code and to save the world.

The use of the latest biological equipments and developments to pronounce the events and to hold the suspense is something I did like. The characters have all been used to perfection and we do not feel any sort of neglect toward any person in the story. Also, the book does not keep any shadows in the background. The characters are described to great detail, and they help you in creating a vivid image about them. There are some events which do seem far-fetched at times, but the imagination behind them is worthy of respect.

In all, I felt this book to be a good read. It will provide you with a nice view into the past, with its wonderful paintings, sculptures and monuments along with a suspense-filled, thrilling read.

You can purchase the book online at Flipkart and Amazon as well.

Have now started reading Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’; will post a review soon.

PS: This is my first book review. Please post your valuable comments at the bottom.


  1. First attempt is always the stepping stone and you did stepped well on your first attempt.. :-)

  2. will go for it. Its just a matter of time to read. But surely read. thanks for the review

  3. very neatly reviewed, Karan.. :)