Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Review of 'And the Mountains Echoed'

After enjoying The Kite Runner, I put my hands on another of Khaled Hosseini’s books: ‘And the Mountains Echoed’, and as with his previous book, I read through this lovely book in around a week.

This time Khaled Hosseini has crafted a story about brothers and sisters, siblings and cousins, parents and children, and even a caretaker and his boss. The story has been narrated in the first person, and the perspective keeps changing, which provides the story with the pace and also fills in the mild gaps which are created. Talking about love, and care and the bond between loved ones is a common trait in Khaled Hosseini’s books as can be visible from this book and his other books as well.

As in The Kite Runner, there is the presence of nostalgia about Afghanistan, and how the calm and serene place became clogged with destruction, gunfights, and war; how families lost their loved ones- consumed by war and greed likewise.

A large time span, various characters later, and after traipsing across continents as well, the story ends on a slightly high note with the uniting of brother and sister, who were separated at a very young age.

The book is an exquisite write and would indulge you into its depths with the language, imagery and the evolution of emotions. On the whole, the book is very attractive and presents itself as a good read.

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You can purchase this book, which released in May this year from Amazon and Flipkart at around Rs. 400.

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  1. You read this one really quickly!! No doubt I loved the emotions spiraled in the book, but the end disappointed a tad bit! Well, to give him credit he tried to end it quite realistically...the estranged sister couldn't have remembered the meaning of all those 'feathers' after so many years... :(
    But he will remain my favorite story many characters so intricately woven...all with a story of their own!

    1. The feelings he has produced are exquisite...I felt the ending to be apt as all it felt good to me..:)
      Thanks for reading...Keep visiting..:)